Next phase

Thanks, Russell, originally uploaded by blackbeltjones.

I’ve cut short my time at the BBC to spend more time on Dopplr.

I’m also hopefully going to continue with the teaching beyond the project I’m currently involved with at the RCA, and do some design consultancy work – for which Russell was kind enough to prepare the above.

Perhaps this could be the start a lucrative sideline for him?

0 thoughts on “Next phase

  1. I’ll take one please – is there a pencil option instead of a pen?

    Good luck with it all anyhoo – and welcome to the world of thrilling uncertainty!

  2. My only advice is try and restrict yourself to just this bag. I had been given some free desk space and for some time was happily office squatting. Then today, the company had to move out in 20 minutes. I had accumulated quite a lot of stuff there and suddenly found myself with not enough arms.

  3. I don’t even take that, just me 🙂

    Matt I’m a freelancer and your name popped up on a Nokia Design job and then again when I started at the BBC on a 4 week tour. I was going to ask you if there was any freelance openings in the vision department because you look like an interesting guy to work with. However I can see the BBC bit is no more.

    If you think my services could be of some use on any other projects of yours please drop us a line.


    PS my website is well out of date, I can send you some more contemporary blah blah if you fancy..

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