Wikidashboard = TMI?


Wikidashboard‘s a fantastic project from Parc, which I found today via Waxy.

It displays and visualises the change history of an article in-situ. As Waxy says it would be great to have a greasemonkey script which placed this information on the pages of wikipedia proper.

Except – it’s too much for me.

I want it to be glanceable-not-pore-over-able at this level, just giving me a swift indication of the volatility of the entry.

In early 2005, I proposed tiny sparklines based on the HistoryFlow visualisation project that could be seen in-situ to give a very quick feel of the change history of an article.

Proposal for 'History Flow' sparkline graphics for Wikipedia

Since then, sparklines are almost part of the furniture in services like Flickr, Google Analytics and *ahem* Dopplr. There are libraries and refinements galore for such things. Putting something together like this using Wikidashboard, greasemonkey and one of those libraries would be well within the reach of an enterprising geek I would have thought…

So, can I have it?

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