Space Shuttle STS-126 Launch

Space Shuttle STS-126 Launch, originally uploaded by hyku.

The picture is by Josh Hallett who I had a great time speaking with in the same session on social media at the Sarasota Design Summit in Florida recently.

After I said I was planning to visit NASA while in Florida, he told me he was going to be attending the night launch of STS-126.

I got to see STS-126 on the pad at fairly close-quarters (well, a couple of miles) but he got this shot, which I think you’ll agree is fairly magnificent.

I can’t quite believe we can count the number of times we’ll see this again on our fingers.

3 thoughts on “Space Shuttle STS-126 Launch

  1. Speaking about the end of the shuttle, I remember as a kid sitting on tenterhooks as NASA prepared to shoot off Enterprise to glide in their last test before true space launches.

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