The sad demise of Cosmos-1 was commented on here back in 2005, but those plucky sorts at The Planetary Society are back on… and this time, it’s with CUBESATS.

The Planetary Society’s mission, called LightSail 1, will come five years after its Cosmos 1 solar sail failed to reach orbit on a Russian submarine-launched Volna rocket.

The spacecraft in the 2005 failure was built by Russian contractors, but LightSail 1 will be based on a CubeSat platform provided by California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

The Planetary Society did not say how much the new project would cost, but a member of the group donated $1 million for the mission and three-quarters of the required funding has already been raised. The society is seeking more donations to cover the rest of the costs.

Where do I sign?

Surely Jack White can chip in too?

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