RIP Edward De Bono

Don’t know where my copy of ‘Children Solve Problems‘ is – probably on the bookshelf in my office that I’ve been back to once since March 2020.

It hasn’t had a lot of mentions in the obituaries I’ve read so far.

Not really a surprise, as he was so prolific, but it stands out for me.

As does the title sequence of the shows that he did on the BBC in the early 80s that I dimly remember watching with my dad (who I think had a copy of ‘Lateral Thinking‘)

From Ravensbourne’s excellent archive of BBC motion graphics:

A series of ten programmes about improving your thinking skills. Dr Edward de Bono showed that thinking, rather like cooking, was a skill which could be improved by attention and practice. The idea was to symbolically represent the scrambled brain, which then unscrambled and revealed the name of the programme. The artwork was done by hand without the aid of a computer, as this was created in the pre-digital era. The artwork was produced as black on white drawings pegged together in register. These were then copied photographically and printed in negative on Kodalith films and shot on a 35mm rostrum camera with red cinemoid gel behind the liths to add colour. The artwork had to be exceptionally precise, as if computer generated, in order not to shimmer and wobble. The glow was achieved by using a filter in the lens of the camera.

Animation artwork by Freddie Shackel.

Concept, design, art direction – Liz Friedman.

Thinking is like cooking.

Attention and practice.

Need to remember that.

RIP Edward.

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